Thanks to everyone who made PodConf 2023 an amazing experience!

Featured Speakers

we asked our speakers for ONE thing…
to INSPIRE us with their story

Christine Blackburn

Christine has been podcasting for 13 years, with over 800 episodes, as the host of the weekly podcast, Story Worthy. She has interviewed some of the biggest names in show business like Larry King, Sugar Ray Leonard, Adam Carolla, Marian Keyes, Kevin Nealon, Theo Von, and on and on.

Christine is a master interviewer, and the stories she has pulled from guests over 13 years have ranged from laugh out funny…to heart-wrenching…but always with a positive message.

In Christine’s newest Spotify exclusive podcast, My Life in 3 Songs, she invites notable comedians to share 3 songs that have impacted them the most and that paints a picture of their life

Edwin Covarrubias

Edwin hosts a lineup of Scary FM podcasts that gets over 1.5M downloads a month. He’s a growing voice in the paranormal stories genre. His shows have ranked in the top 20 U.S. shows on Spotify, number one in Fiction, and featured as Show of the Month on Apple Podcasts.

As a kid, Edwin got his first dose of scary stories late one night in the stretch between San Diego and Los Angeles when his parent’s car picked up a signal from a Mexican scary storytelling radio show, La Mano Peluda…and he’s been hooked ever since.

Growing up between two cultures as a Latino living in America, his works display a unique approach to the traditional horror story that is relatable to today’s diverse audiences.

Tanner Campbell

Tanner started Practical Stoicism on Jan 2022…and in just over a year, it already gets over 500,000 downloads per month. It is daily show, and it’s a top 10 philosophy podcast on Apple, and a top 100 society and culture podcast on Spotify. In October 2022, Practical Stoicism joined the Glassbox media network. 

Tanner built a career around podcasting for 12-years, as an audio engineer, a podcast studio owner, and a podcast marketing consultant to brands.

Before his recent success with Practical Stoicism, Tanner was best known as a podcast thought leader and for his daily podcast “Good Morning Podcasters”, which he sold in 2022 to focus on his passion in philosophy.

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