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Sean McKnight / Writer and Producer of VOID

Here’s our interview with Sean McKnight, the writer, producer, engineer, and voice actor in his science fiction podcast VOID.

Sean has been a multimedia artist and producer for over 25 years. His extensive experience includes working in recording studios, being a DJ at numerous radio stations, recording narrations, and doing additional voice-over work. Sean’s experience as an instructor spans over 20 years and includes instruction in audio production, video production, graphic design, and UX design.

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Sean McKnight - VOID Podcast

How many episodes have you published?

Currently, I have 65 episodes for this podcast.

Describe your podcast in 2 or 3 sentences

Star Trek for your ears.

Who is your target audience?

Anyone between the ages of 18 to 75

Why are you doing this podcast?

For the opportunity to pursue the art of audio production in a creative, interesting, fun way.

Are you monetizing this podcast? If so, how?

Advertising sponsors

What advice would you give a new podcaster?

Do this for the love of it, not for the fame and fortune. This is work, you have to want it.

What’s your favorite podcast you listen to?

Marc Maron WTF

Where can people follow you?

Best place to follow me is on Instagram @void_scifipodcast

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