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Marika S Bell / The Deal with Animals

Here’s our interview with Marika S Bell, the host of The Deal with Animals podcast.

Marika completed her MA in Anthrozoology in 2016 and holds a University degree in Zoology and a CPDT-KA from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Now, host of The Deal with Animals, she enjoys chatting with people who know a lot more than she does about the various research disciplines of Anthrozoology as well as authors, nonprofits, professionals, and enthusiasts!

Follow Marika on Twitter @TDWAPodcast, and come meet Marika at PodConf 2023!

Marika S Bell / The Deal with Animals

How many episodes have you published?


Describe your podcast in 2 or 3 sentences

TDWA is a podcast about the connection and interaction between humans and other animals. It’s a science and social science focused podcast. It’s primarily interview-based, with themed series comprised of 6-8 episodes each series.

Why did you start this podcast and what do you love about it?

I needed a creative an professional outlet during the pandemic. I love learning new things and connecting with people who are enthusiastic about the same topics!

Who is your target audience?

People who are interested in the human-animal connection.

What’s the number 1 thing listeners love about your podcast?

Unfiltered information directly from those doing the research or having experiences with animals.

Are you monetizing this podcast? If so, how?


What advice would you give a new podcaster?

Find what you are enthusiastic about!

What’s your favorite podcast you listen to?


Anything else people should know about you or your podcast?

I am organizing an animal connection based podcast network (primarily for new podcasters).

Where can people follow you?

You can follow me on Twitter @TDWAPodcast, and come meet Marika at PodConf 2023!

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