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Leah Carey / Good Girls Talk About Sex

Here’s our interview with Leah Carey, the host of Good Girls Talk About Sex podcast.

Leah is a Sex and Intimacy coach. She works with people eager to explore new avenues of their sexuality and fulfill their greatest desires, like diving back into the dating pool after a long time away, having first-time queer experiences, investigating consensual non-monogamy, or learning how to communicate about kink.

Leah’s superpower is radical empathy. When you work with her, she reflects your true sexual nature back to you without judgment, so you can see yourself without shame.

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Leah Carey / Good Girls Talk About Sex

How many episodes have you published?


Describe your podcast in 2 or 3 sentences

Deep conversations with women* about their personal experience of sex and female sexuality. You are likely to hear stories that reflect your own experiences and let you know that you’re not alone. You’re also likely to hear stories that broaden your ideas about what is “normal” and introduce you to exciting new experiences!

Who is your target audience?

Cis women of childbearing age, though I’m always surprised by how many heterosexual men listen to better understand their female partners.

What’s the number 1 thing listeners love about your podcast?

The honest conversations about a topic people rarely open up about.

Why are you doing this podcast?

These are the conversations I was aching to have during my days of deep sexual repression but was too scared. Of course, most people are too scared to talk about sex, so I wanted to create a space where we could do that in an explicit but not salacious way.

I love everything about these conversations – from the way people open up about their most raw and intimate details, to the responses I get from listeners saying they’ve binged the entire catalog and it has radically changed their sex lives.

Are you monetizing this podcast? If so, how?

Sponsors contact me periodically. I spent a year working with them but then it became too overwhelming to keep up with all the paperwork and tracking, so I’ve put that on pause.

At some point when I can afford to bring on an assistant, I’d love to work with sponsors again. Currently, I do some affiliate advertising, promote my own offerings, and Patreon.

What advice would you give a new podcaster?

Your friends and family will hopefully be excited and encouraging about your new show. But don’t expect them to listen to more than the first episode (if even that.)

It’s not for a lack of love, but if they don’t have exactly the same interests you do, they’re not your target audience. Accept their encouragement but let go of any expectation that they’ll be fans.

What’s your favorite podcast you listen to?

Maintenance Phase

Anything else people should know about you or your podcast?

Gender is complicated. The show features people who were brought up as little girls plus transgender women.

Where can people follow you?

Follow me on Instagram @goodgirlstalk

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