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Lady Amanda / G’Day From The USA

Here’s our interview with Lady Amanda, the host of the G’Day From The USA podcast.

Amanda moved to the US from Australia 10 years ago. She lives in Washington and is currently in the process of applying for citizenship. If she had a dollar for every time someone said they like her Aussie accent, she’d be a multi-millionaire!

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Lady Amanda / G’Day From The USA / PodConf

How many episodes have you published?

Currently, I have 4 episodes for this podcast, but I publish weekly.

Describe your podcast in 2 or 3 sentences

It’s a chat style podcast about what it’s like for an Australian living and working in the USA. We talk about differences in pronunciation, customs, and topics such as tipping, ways of life, and fascinating little facts about the two countries.

Why did you start this podcast and what do you love about it?

I started this podcast because I’m often asked what it’s like to live here in the USA. People seem to love the Aussie accent, and I thought it would be fun to chat about day-to-day life and some of the things I find a little odd!

Who is your target audience?

Anyone interested in the differences between Australia and the USA, and an Aussie’s take on living in America!

What’s the number 1 thing listeners love about your podcast?

Listeners seem to love the differences in the pronunciations of words!

Are you monetizing this podcast? If so, how?

I do not currently monetize my podcast.

What advice would you give a new podcaster?

Be yourself and give it a go!

What’s your favorite podcast you listen to?

I listen to a wide range of podcasts. Some of my top favorites would be crime related, like Casefile, Swindled, or Sword and Scale.

Others are conversational podcasts like Anscast, Cause I Wanna Know, and We Mean Well.

Anything else people should know about you or your podcast?

Where can people follow you?

The best place to follow my podcast is on Facebook!

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