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Keith Bacon / Field to Fork & All Ways West Seattle

Here’s our interview with Keith Bacon, the host of Field to Fork and All Ways West Seattle podcasts.

A writer, producer, and podcaster, Keith adds distinctive flavor and irresistible appeal to creative efforts seen and heard around the world. From three-word taglines to three-week film festivals, Keith’s talents have been tapped for advertising campaigns, naming and branding projects, content creation, curation, and copywriting. Producer and host of the hyper-local podcasts All Ways West Seattle and Field to Fork, Keith also makes incredible coleslaw!

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Keith Bacon / Field to Fork & All Ways West Seattle / PodConf

How many episodes have you published?

49 for All Ways West Seattle. 7 for Field to Fork

Describe your podcast in 2 or 3 sentences

All Ways West Seattle is where the people, places, happenings, and history of the Duwamish Peninsula intersect.

Field to Fork takes a deep dive into the Puget Sound food economy, from farming to fine dining.

Why did you start this podcast and what do you love about it?

I started podcasting as a pandemic therapy project when my regular work dried up and my neighborhood became an “accidental island”…when our primary bridge connection closed for 3 years.

I was craving new ways of interacting with people, learning about my region, and forging community connections. And that’s what I still love about it.

Who is your target audience?

All Ways West Seattle is hyper-local, targeted to a community of about 80k.

Field to Fork is also regional but targets Pacific Northwest foodies aged 20-60.

What’s the number 1 thing listeners love about your podcast?

Discovery of delightful things in their own backyard.

Are you monetizing this podcast? If so, how?

Both podcasts are supported by sponsorship partners.

What advice would you give a new podcaster?

Do your homework before launching, but don’t be afraid to try something different.

What’s your favorite podcast you listen to?

Song Exploder

Anything else people should know about you or your podcast?

Where can people follow you?

The best place to follow me is on my personal @baconmade, or on my podcast Instagram accounts: @allwayspodcast and @fieldtoforkpodcast.

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