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Keith Bacon / Field to Fork & All Ways West Seattle / PodConf

Keith Bacon / Field to Fork & All Ways West Seattle

A writer, producer, and podcaster, Keith adds distinctive flavor and irresistible appeal to creative efforts seen and heard around the world. From three-word taglines to three-week film festivals, Keith’s talents have been tapped for advertising campaigns, naming and branding projects, content creation, curation, and copywriting. Producer and host of the hyper-local podcasts All Ways West Seattle and Field to Fork, Keith also makes incredible coleslaw!

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Jen Liss / Untethered with Jen Liss / PodConf

Jen Liss / Untethered with Jen Liss

Known for her silliness, contagious enthusiasm, and engaging storytelling, Jen enjoys finding levity in the mundane. But she is serious about one thing: inspiring people to take action on their dreams. As a speaker, coach, and host of the podcast Untethered with Jen Liss, she helps people let go of the crap that holds them back and step into the life they’ve been called to live.

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Katie Wright / Staying Connected / PodConf

Katie Wright / Staying Connected

Katie Wright, host of the Staying Connected podcast.

Katie was diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (VEDS) in 2017, and her challenge getting a diagnosis, combined with a missed life-threatening event by medical professionals, instilled in her a passion to raise awareness for others with VEDS. Since her diagnosis, she launched a YouTube channel dedicated to raising awareness of VEDS, and got involved in a research project called the VEDS Collaborative.

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Erika Abdelatif / Dinky / PodConf

Erika / Dinky

Erika is the co-host of the Dinky podcast.

Dinky is a podcast hosted by two child-free pals. Launched in July 2022 by long-time best friends Kristen and Erika, Dinky offers a refreshingly silly and candid conversation around the highs and lows of choosing to be child-free and the journey to making the decision.

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Dylan Jessen / The Unzipped Mind / PodConf

Dylan Jessen / The Unzipped Mind

Dylan Jessen is a co-host of The Unzipped Mind podcast.

The Unzipped Mind is a mental health podcast. Dylan has come to understand the importance of community and conversation, having learned from lived experiences…to working in the mental health field for the past 8 years. It is with The Unzipped Mind podcast, that he hopes to build and strengthen the mental health community and destigmatize the beliefs that surround mental illness.

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Aratrice & Fae / Death Party Podcast

Aratrice & Fae / Death Party Podcast

Aratrice & Fae are the hosts of Death Party podcast.

These two met at a spooky online gathering place for femme weirdos after both had moved to the Pacific NW. After years of friendship bonding over dark matters and having lots of opinions about things, they eventually realized they also shared a love of writing and podcasts, and an obsession with the macabre, thus Death Party was born.

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