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Emily Newberry / Sacred Gyre / PodConf

Emily Newberry / Sacred Gyre

Here’s our interview with Emily Newberry, the host of the Sacred Gyre podcast.

Emily was born in the midwest during WWII and grew up participating in the rebellions of the 1960’s including the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. After coming out as a transgender woman and working for the rights of all transgender people, she played a role in ending the denial of gender-confirming surgery by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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David Ames / Graceful Atheist / PodConf

David Ames / Graceful Atheist

David Ames is the host of the Graceful Atheist podcast.

David is trying to be a “graceful atheist”. After twenty-some years of being a Christian, his faith broke down in 2015. He could no longer sustain belief. Having had faith he still respects and cares for those who remain in their faith. He seeks to examine why some believe, why some don’t, and why some change their minds.

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Asad Butt / Invisible Hate / PodConf

Asad Butt / Invisible Hate

Asad Butt, is the host of the Invisible Hate podcast.

Asad is an award-winning producer, serial entrepreneur, and startup advisor. In 2020, Asad launched Rifelion Media to create podcasts and movies to elevate diverse voices. In 2021, he created and co-produced the award-winning King of the World podcast series.

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Julie Fry / Your Expert Guest / PodConf

Julie Fry / Your Expert Guest

Julie Fry is the founder of Your Expert Guest, a podcast guest booking agency for female founders and impact-driven leaders

She and her team have booked over 1500 interviews for their clients and can track hundreds of thousands of dollars of ROI from podcast interviews on top-ranked shows.

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