Thanks to everyone who made PodConf 2023 an amazing experience!

Podcast Conference

A Day to Learn, Grow, and Get Inspired From Other Independent Podcasters

Podcast Conference Speaker


We’ve designed a fun & full agenda to inspire you to grow or launch your podcast!

Attendee Led Sessions


This conference is meant to be interactive. Join an attendee led session or lead your own.

podcaster community


Podcasting shouldn’t be a lonely journey. Connect with other podcasters & grow together!

What is PodConf?

PodConf is an intimate event created for independent podcasters. It takes place in-person, in Portland Oregon. Our goal is to create a space for podcasters to participate, connect and get inspired. We're here to support your podcasting journey, whether your goal is to launch, reboot, or grow your podcast! Join us and other podcasters in this highly interactive event.

The Agenda

April 29, 2023

Registration & Coffee
Speed Connect
Speaker / Edwin
Lunch Break
Attendee Led Circles
Speaker / Christine
Attendee Led Circles
Speaker / Tanner

Event Details


April 29, 2023
9am – 5pm


limited tix left!
$75 at the door

Featured Speakers

Featuring 3 podcasters on the main stage to inspire us from their unique journeys!

Attendee Led Circles

We LOVE having attendees participate in PodConf!
So, we helped curate 10+ attendee circles led by actual attendees!

How to Keep The Creative Juices Flowing​

Chris Martin / Getting to Work Podcast

How do you constantly come up with new ideas? Whether you’re launching your first podcast or want to shake things up for an established show, Chris will share practical ways to keep the creative juices flowing through constant ideation and plan for the moments when inspiration fails.

How To Reach One Million Downloads

Robert Forto / Dog Works Radio

Learn the bullet-proof formula to make your show something people want to listen to, and more importantly, share. Robert will share how he languished for 8 years, before finally reaching that magical 1,000,000 download hallmark…and growing more ever since!

Why Your Company Should Start A Podcast

Jonah Geil-Neufeld / Puddle Creative

Your company may have great podcast concept, but might also be hesitant to start one. Jonah is the founder of Puddle Creative, an agency that produces podcasts for brands. He’ll share how he convinces companies about the benefits of podcasting and the different ways branded podcasts can increase reach and revenue.

The Opportunity Is Real: Here's How To Leverage It

Paul Riismandel / Signal Hill Insights

There’s been some negative press around podcasting recently and some folks are feeling pessimistic, but Paul will show you why there’s still plenty of opportunity to build an audience or grow an existing show, especially for indie creators. He’s a podcast industry veteran who’s worked for Stitcher and SiriusXM for 9 years, and he’s now a partner with Signal Hill Insights.

The Future of Podcast SEO: How AI is Revolutionizing the Podcasting Landscape

Danielle LaFleur / Easy as Pie Design

Come learn about the transformative potential of AI in podcasting, exploring the different ways that AI is changing the way audiences discover, engage with, and monetize podcast content.

Learn how to create a pitch deck or one-pager for your podcast and craft a pitch email to a potential sponsor or to your dream podcast guest.

How To Craft A Diverse Guest List

Nadia Butt / Inclusive Collective

Description: Have you been wanting to expand your guest list so it’s more diverse and inclusive, but don’t know how to start? Nadia is an expert in navigating the complexities of DEI in the business world and will share strategies and resources on how to strengthen your network and connections when considering new guests for your podcast.
5 Ways To Use Social Media To Engage Your Audience

Ana Xavier / The Podcast Space

If the thought of promoting your podcast on social media feels like walking barefoot through Legos, you’re overthinking it. I’m here to help you create meaningful social media posts that create true engagement and connection with your audience.
Audio Post-Production Techniques to Perfect Your Sound

Ryan White / RODE Microphones

In this workshop, RODE Product Specialist, Ryan White, will reveal professional techniques for enhancing audio clarity, reducing noise and distortion, and achieving a polished professional sound. Topics covered include EQ, compression, software tools, plugins, and other editing techniques.

You’ve started your podcast, now how do you keep it going? Many podcasts fail after just 12 months. Alana Kode and Illya Friedman, producer and host of the 9 year old show, The Cinematography Podcast, will share their insights on building a long-lasting podcast. You’ll learn how to hone your podcast’s focus, create quality audio, and design a plan to sustain a well-executed workflow for each episode.

How to Avoid a Financial Sh*t Show When Monetizing Your Podcast

Heather Zeitzwolfe / Get Radical With Your Business

Want to start making money from your podcast? We’ll go over top ways to monetize, but also how to run your show like a business. Learn how to avoid financial pitfalls and get your sh*t organized (so you don’t wind up with a hot mess and hate mail from the IRS) from seasoned CPA, financial coach, and profit advisor.. Heather Zeitzwolfe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big will PodConf be?

Our goal is to keep PodConf "intimate" in we're capping attendance at 150 tickets. 

One of our core values is "connection", so we believe "smaller" industry events like this can better help facilitate social connections during and after the event! 

For reference, Google "Dunbar's Number". This theory states that 150 is the average number of stable social connections humans can make. 

Where will PodConf be held?

PodConf takes place in Portland Oregon.

We booked a beautiful space in a hotel called Canopy, a Hilton Property.  We love the vibe at this hotel!

Canopy is located in the heart of the Pearl. We chose this venue because our unique agenda will have both speakers and smaller break out groups. Canopy was the perfect venue to host our needs. 

When do the early-bird discounts end?

Ticket prices will increase soon, so you'll want to buy them now to get the best price.

Also, we're putting a cap to the total number of get a ticket now before tickets completely sell out!

We're pushing hard to get everyone registered well before the event, so that we can make the event even better!

I don't have a podcast yet. Is this a good event for me?

Yes! One of our core values is to inspire new podcasters as well as support seasoned podcasters. It'll be an invaluable experience for you as you begin your podcasting journey. 

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We are capping the attendance at this event. So we recommend pre-purchasing your ticket, in case the event sells out. 

That said, if there are available seats left, we may sell them at the door, but at our most expensive price of $70 per ticket. 

Is food included in the ticket price?

We'll be providing coffee and pastries in the morning!

We're not providing lunch, but we will be taking a 1-hour lunch break during the event!

There are a bunch of great spots nearby in the Pearl, so we hope you'll make some friends and enjoy the lunch break!

I'm flying in for the event. Do you recommend a hotel?

Our main venue, Canopy, is also a hotel. So if you're flying in, we recommend staying there! We secured a special rate. To get our group rate, just follow this link:

The venue, is centrally located in the Pearl, so really any hotel in the Pearl or Downtown Portland will be just minutes away from Canopy. 

We'll be deep into Spring, so it's the perfect time to visit Portland!


April 29, 2023 in Portland Oregon
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