April 29, 2023
April 29, 2023
Portland OR

Podcast Conference

A Day to Learn, Grow, and Get Inspired From Other Independent Podcasters

Podcast Conference Speaker


We’ve designed a fun & full agenda to inspire you to grow or launch your podcast!

Attendee Led Sessions


This conference is meant to be interactive. Join an attendee led session or lead your own.

podcaster community


Podcasting shouldn’t be a lonely journey. Connect with other podcasters & grow together!

What is PodConf?

PodConf is an intimate event created for independent podcasters. It takes place in-person, in Portland Oregon. Our goal is to create a space for podcasters to participate, connect and get inspired. We're here to support your podcasting journey, whether your goal is to launch, reboot, or grow your podcast! Join us and other podcasters in this highly interactive event.

Agenda / April 29, 2023

Event Details


April 29, 2023
9am – 5pm


$29  $50
early bird pricing
*discount ends soon

Featured Speakers

Featuring 3 podcasters on the main stage to inspire us from their unique journeys!

Attendee Led Circles

We’re putting together over 10 attendee led circles.
Check back as more attendee led circles become finalized!
Want to lead a circle? Please fill out this form and propose a topic!

Grow Your Audience With Podcast Guesting

Julie Fry / Your Expert Guest

Have you been hosting your podcast for some time and your audience growth has stalled? We’ll discuss ideas and strategies of how strategically guesting on other podcasts can get you in front of new listeners.
How to Avoid a Financial Sh*t Show When Monetizing Your Podcast

Heather Zeitzwolfe / Get Radical With Your Business

Want to start making money from your podcast? We’ll go over top ways to monetize, but also how to run your show like a business. Learn how to avoid financial pitfalls and get your sh*t organized (so you don’t wind up with a hot mess and hate mail from the IRS) from seasoned CPA, financial coach, and profit advisor.. Heather Zeitzwolfe.

You’ve started your podcast, now how do you keep it going? Many podcasts fail after just 12 months. Alana Kode and Illya Friedman, producer and host of the 9 year old show, The Cinematography Podcast, will share their insights on building a long-lasting podcast. You’ll learn how to hone your podcast’s focus, create quality audio, and design a plan to sustain a well-executed workflow for each episode.

How to Keep The Creative Juices Flowing​

Chris Martin / Getting to Work Podcast

How do you constantly come up with new ideas? Whether you’re launching your first podcast or want to shake things up for an established show, Chris will share practical ways to keep the creative juices flowing through constant ideation and plan for the moments when inspiration fails.

Engage and Monetize Your Fans​

Pat Cheung / Podcast Growth Hacks

Pat shares his expertise on fan engagement & audience growth. Join this circle to learn practical ways to engage, grow, and monetize your podcast audience. Come and share your own learnings, or get inspired with new ideas for your show.

How to Book Top Tier Guests For Your Podcast​

Claire Giovino / The Better Questions

Join Claire’s circle as she shares her strategies on getting top tier interview guests for her show. ​​

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big will PodConf be?

Our goal is to keep PodConf "intimate" in nature...so we're capping attendance at 150 tickets. 

One of our core values is "connection", so we believe "smaller" industry events like this can better help facilitate social connections during and after the event! 

For reference, Google "Dunbar's Number". This theory states that 150 is the average number of stable social connections humans can make. 

When do the early-bird discounts end?

Ticket prices will increase soon, so you'll want to buy them now to get the best price.

Also, we're putting a cap to the total number of attendees...so get a ticket now before tickets completely sell out!

We're pushing hard to get everyone registered well before the event, so that we can make the event even better!

I don't have a podcast yet. Is this a good event for me?

Yes! One of our core values is to inspire new podcasters as well as support seasoned podcasters. It'll be an invaluable experience for you as you begin your podcasting journey. 

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We are capping the attendance at this event. So we recommend pre-purchasing your ticket, in case the event sells out. 

That said, if there are available seats left, we may sell them at the door, but at our most expensive price of $70 per ticket. 

Is food included in the ticket price?

We'll be providing coffee and pastries in the morning. 

I'm flying in for the event. Do you recommend a hotel?

The venue for this event is conveniently located in the central part of Portland, so any hotel in Downtown, the Pearl, South Waterfront, and Central Eastside will be mere minutes away from the venue. 

The Hotel Tonight app is a great option for finding some good deals! In April, there should be a lot of available rooms at great rates here in Portland...since you'll be beating the summer tourist season!

We'll be deep into Spring, so it's the perfect time to visit Portland!


April 29, 2023 in Portland Oregon
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